Who is ryan cabrera dating now

Sure, the platinum-selling singer and songwriter is the architect behind ubiquitous smashes such as“On the Way Down,”“True” and“Shine On” as well as albums including 2004’s Take It All Away, which hit #8 on the Billboard Top 200, You Stand Watching [2005], and The Moon Underwater[2008].

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Amidst this creative upswing, 2013 ushered in something of a new awakening for CABRERA.

After penning “I See Love” in Nashville with Nathan Chapman [Taylor Swift], he experienced a revelation.

“ That sparked the mindset of the new album,” he affirms.

“ It was about writing songs that are real and honest. We weren’ t trying to be anything or fit any kind of mold. I started writing all of these fun, positive, and uplifting songs. Every song tells its own story.” The first single released, “House On Fire,” shimmies from a percussive tribal intro into an incendiary refrain.

It was, ‘ Write what you love and are passionate about.’ That ignited the entire record.” He went back to Los Angeles reinvigorated and locked himself in the studio with producer Justin Gray [Mariah Carey, John Legend, Amy Winehouse]. He smiles, “ It’ s about burning everything down and being crazy while youcan.

Together, the duo wrote and performed the bulk of the album, playing all of the instruments themselves. You’ re living in the moment and enjoying everything you do.

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