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Plans listed may not be available at all addresses in In terms of screen resolution, 4K is the next level after most TVs went began to support 1080p in the past decade.

Direc TV was the first TV provider to offer 4K content through on-demand and it picked up steam with sports programming where viewers could now stream matches in 4K live. News hit this week about ESPN introducing a new content streaming service.

The fact ESPN Plus costs only per month raised the eyebrows and hopes of many sports fans.

This price undercuts the estimated monthly fee cable and satellite subscribers pay for the family of sports channels – whether wanted or not. A recent report by the FCC highlights the acute lack of competition in the American broadband market.

When it comes to Internet speed and online gaming, latency is a term that frequently gets thrown around. Latency, measured as ping, refers to the average total time that it takes your gaming device to send data to the game server, and back to your device. The commercial rollout of mobile 5G wireless service continues to become a reality.

This week, AT&T stepped up to plate by naming three of the first 12 cities to receive its 5G wireless service.

We previously reported on the telecommunications giant’s 5G trials taking place in Waco, Texas.

News about the cities scheduled to receive […]

The FGC (Fighting Game Community) has been looking for a new flagship since the disappointing launch of Street Fighter V, and we may have it in Dragonball Fighter Z (pronounced “Fighters”).

The game is relevant, up to date with the Dragonball Super storyline, and has an absolutely incredible look. In a sense, satellite Internet service is the red-headed stepchild of the industry.

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