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Plenty of music groups move from the indie world to the musical mainstream, but few bands both shuck and move fluidly between those designations as readily as the band Metric.With six albums under their belt, music features in films as big as , and stadium-size shows in their home country of Canada, Metric’s built a reputation off of signature themes and sounds — lead vocalist Emily Haines’s distinct gently rasping voice, critical examinations of gender roles, and forays into electronica inspirations, to name a few. Covering everything from “warped womanhood” to teenage idols to the logistics of touring, Haines reflected on how the band and she have grown in their almost two decades together: Hello Giggles (HG): The band is coming off a big year — you toured with Imagine Dragons and dropped your sixth album , and now you’re off on your next tour. Emily Haines (EH): It’d be interesting to calculate…We’re on our sixth album, and there were several years when we were starting out that we were playing [Los Angeles’s] Silverlake Lounge every week.We were really getting the foundation of the band together, and were on the road forever. those two years, we were playing 250 shows a year or something.We really gave it, but now, it’s unusual how things played out with this record.

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Tune in to Sirius XMU at 3 to hear the song, and stay tuned for the web premiere.UPDATE: The song debuted and it’s called “Halfway Home.” It doesn’t appear to be online yet, but you can listen to the post-premiere interview with Kevin: Broken Social scene will also perform on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight at PM EST, joined by Emily Haines and James Shaw of Metric and Amy Millan and Evan Cranley of Stars. UPDATE 3: It’s officially out and they performed it on Colbert.BSS also have some upcoming live appearances, including Field Trip, Osheaga, and Primavera Sound. Emily Haines is a Canadian indie rock singer-songwriter born on 25th January 1974.She is the lead singer, keyboardist and songwriter of the band Metric and a member of Broken Social Scene.As a solo artist, she has performed under her own name and under the moniker Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton. Born in New Delhi, India and raised in Ontario, Haines grew up as a dual citizen of Canada and the United States, the latter related to her American-born parents. Her sister is the Canadian television journalist Avery Haines and her brother is Tim Haines, owner of Bluestreak Records in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

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